Friday, July 18, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Two posts in one day! Can you handle it?

I didn't think I had too many cute pics to share, but I checked my phone and sure enough, I had a bunch I wanted to share.

Fun 4th of July outfit! I topped it off with a big sparkly headband and Cammie was excited about it too.

Our favorite tradition is going out for breakfast on the weekend. We are up pretty early and are always one of the first tables at our favorite restaurant. Cam loves to color when she's not screaming for her food and waving at strangers.

Cammie has learned she can stand at her bookcase and pull down all her books. I'm so happy she likes to read as much as Brice and I do.

I lost this watch back in December and have been distraught about it for months. I got it on our blowout trip to Vegas and it's probably my favorite watch, but it disappeared right around the time our bathroom construction began. I assumed it got lost in the shuffle of moving our stuff around, but have torn through the piles many times to find the watch. I lost the remote in the couch last week and tada! There was my watch!

Cammie's punishment for not walking is having to wear a dress everyday (because it's hard to crawl in a dress and I'm an evil mommy)

Eating corn on the cob like a big girl.

Mommy doesn't always do bath time, but when she does, she takes a selfie.

We went to Target with our BFFs and the girls got to carry around balls while we shopped.

The. Cutest. Ever.

My mom had a "WTF" moment last week and I got this picture in response.

Helping daddy harvest the veggies...

And then Daddy turned the hose on her!

Another weekend breakfast out... needed the sugar packets to occupy the time while we waited for our food.

Trying to score points with Grammie and Grandpa... go blue!

"Spicy" tongue after eating Chipotle - yum!

We harvested a ton of jalapeƱos, so I turned them into candied jalapeƱos! Can't wait to try them in two weeks after they have mellowed

This week we learned how fun the dryer is, and how helpful it is to load pieces from the washer one by one.

Brice got Cameron up one morning while I went in for a quick blood draw... this is what I got while I was on my way home. Trouble makers!

I got a little crafty to make some toys for Cam on the plane. I'm really hoping these will hold her attention for longer than two minutes to make a more enjoyable flight for everyone involved. Otherwise, plan B is stuffing her with puffs for 3 hours. The fun jar has a lid with a bunch of holes in it for her to put straws and pipe cleaners through.

XO, Em

Cameron Lee - Fourteen Months

A more appropriate title for this post would be: The 6th Tooth Might Kill Us.

It's true. Her first 5 teeth came up in the first couple months of this year and they were so easy. In fact, I made the mistake of saying it out loud. Then we went months without any sign of a new tooth.

About a month ago Cam started acting crazy, drooling a ton, waking at night, and getting weird diaper rashes. We would see a tooth poking up and think "here it is!", but the next day it would be gone and our happy girl would be back.

This has gone on for a month now... 3 days of craziness, 3 days of happiness, 4 days of misery, 2 days of normal life...

Last week was the worst, we had almost 7 straight days of a grumpy baby. Of course, my heart breaks for her because I can't imagine how painful it must be, but wow. It's painful for mommy too.

And the tooth is STILL not out.

I could have also titled this post: Nope, Still Not Walking

But I've given up on that front. Cameron can scoot and crawl to her college dorm room if she wants. But she's not going to get another cute pair of pants again.

So in summary, Cammie spent her 14th month being cranky and not walking.

Although she is a sweet, sweet girl. She is talking up an absolute storm and it is hilarious to hear what she's picking up on. My favorite is when Cam makes a mess and says "oh boy!", but it's also convenient that she can say snack, water and more because she was using one sign to mean all those things. That was confusing and frustrating for all parties involved.

Now, we are only a few days away from Cammie being 15 months old, so hopefully my next post will be more timely (don't count on it). Tomorrow afternoon we hop on a plane and sail off to Colorado for a week of Grammie heaven. Although my mom told me that she's technically on vacation too and she is only taking care of a happy toddler. Either way, it's going to be a crazy busy week and we are going to be having a lot of fun (and drinking a lot of good beer!).

XO, Em

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Sewed A Quilt!

So you know how just a few days ago I publicly proclaimed that I would probably never finish the quilt I've been working on for ages?

Ooohhhhhhhh SNAP!

I had a sudden burst of determination combined with an abundance of free time (thanks to Brice being home all weekend) and I finished that bad boy.

Pretty impressive, right? Can I say that about my own work?

Sewing a quilt was actually much easier than I thought it would be. It was incredibly time-consuming, but it wasn't all that difficult.

I followed this tutorial and used this fabric bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop, plus additional yardage from the same collection for the back.

I almost didn't want to start the project when my fabric arrived in the mail, it was so pretty and I didn't want to screw it up!

The front came together nicely, but the back is a HOT MESS. I decided to use the triangle scraps from the front to make lines in the back, but they were very uneven. Then, I tried to fit perfectly square pieces of fabric into the uneven lines and was left with the resulting puckering.

Oh well. It's a quilt to take to the park! Puckers are the least of my worries.

I made up the entire back as I went (probably another reason it's a mess), but I had the genius idea to sew our last name into it and I couldn't be stopped. I used Moda's letter tutorials to make the blocks (although I sized down the pattern to make it fit onto my quilt better).

And now, no one can steal my awesome blanket from the park because chances are slim their last name is Kahler too!

The letters were definitely the hardest part of the entire quilt, it stretched my mind in ways I didn't need it stretched. But in the end I'm pretty happy.

I knew Cam would love it because she gave it hugs and kisses every time I had it out.

Yesterday, we took it for a test drive in the backyard and I got two big thumbs up from Cammie.

Today, we took it on our playdate at the park and it was officially sworn in for duty. The quilt's already full of dirt, slobber, snacks and bark - exactly what it was made for!

Unfortunately, I was too busy cuddling the sweet 10-week old baby that came to snap a picture of the quilt, so you will have to trust me that it was epic ;)

XO, Em

Friday, July 4, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Happy 4th of July!! I can not believe how quickly this year is flying by. It's going to be Christmas before we know it, and I swear, if my sweet girl is not walking by then I will not be surprised.


That girl is entirely too smart for her own good.

These girls are so darn cute. We love hanging out Megan and Emory, we are so lucky we met them!

Giving her BFF a ride in the rocking chair. Megan and I are trying to broker a deal for Emory to teach Cameron to walk and Cameron will teach Emory to talk.... so far it's not panning out.

I've been slaving over a big picnic quilt to take to the park and this is a piece I made for the back of the quilt. Not too shabby for a first-timer! Unfortunately, at my current pace, the blanket will be ready to go when the weather cools off and we aren't going to the park anymore! Luckily, we are in Shreveport so maybe I will squeeze in a month or two of use, if not more!

Independent girl loves to put her headbands on herself.

Cam has also been practicing with her utensils... sometimes it is necessary to have more than one to get the job done!

And then sometimes we completely forego the utensils and eat like a cave baby. Can I take a second to brag about my impromptu bib skills? I dressed Cam up in that adorable white outfit, ordered her spaghetti and then realized I had NO bib with me. I used her play shorts as an under layer and then twisted and tied napkins around her to protect her top.

Cammie made an absolute scene at lunch, but her rigged-up bib was no match for spaghetti hands. Everyone around us was cracking up at her lack of manners. She's lucky she's so cute!

Last week we went on a last-minute day trip to visit Megan's friends in Pineville (about 2 hours south of Shreveport). Megan has the sweetest, most welcoming group of friends and we really enjoy playing with them!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Emory - she is so perfectly adorable!

This is a plea for Daddy to finish Cammie's play kitchen... the one we are building her for her first birthday.... oops.... But look at how much fun they are having!

We stayed pretty late in the day and both girls skipped their afternoon nap. They crashed almost immediately after buckling into the car and I had the privilege of riding in the back with them. I made the mistake of thinking "Ahhhh, I could watch these cuties sleep all day they are so cute!" and within minutes they were awake again.

Towards the end of the trip I snapped this Hello magazine advertisement picture. Precious!

Cuteness! I started tying Cam's hair up in a ponytail this week because headbands and clips are no longer doing the job. It makes her look like such a big girl.

Megan and I have started hosting "Pinterest in the Park" for local moms/babies and it was SO FUN. Except for it was SO HARD. The morning was kind of a disaster for me, but looking back on it I can laugh at myself.

I pre-filled the bins of water at home and had one bin full of water balloons, all stacked in the back of my car. Well, less than a mile down the road one of the bins slides forward and there is a WATERFALL onto the floor next to Cam's seat. I pulled right into the CVS to get ice and opened the rear hatch to see if I could rearrange things to prevent another massive leak. Well, the bin of balloons tipped right out and 30+ balloons scattered into the parking lot. I almost melted down, except a nice lady jumped right up and helped me collect them.

We made it to the park without anymore major damage, only to have to carry the heavy bins almost 1/4 mile one-by-one from the car to the spot in the park. And I felt the need to punish myself and refuse extra help, but the workout was good to get my emotions out.

We had bins of colored water with cups and buckets, a bin of ice, and lots of water balloons. The kids had a blast, and that's all that matters! Next month we will definitely pick something less labor intensive.

One afternoon we made a quick trip across town to pick up our CSA veggies after nap, so I gave Cam a fruit leather thinking "how much of a mess can she make with this?" Well, the answer is a BIG MESS. She had mushy fruit pulp smeared all over her face and hands.

Instead of doing all the work to inflate and fill her pool, I just unrolled the hose and sprayed her down in the backyard. She was pretty happy about it, although I was not happy about all the earth worms it brought out. Yuck!

Brice snapped this picture of Cam and I reading her favorite book, Big Red Barn. She asks me to read it so often I have it completely memorized. I don't want to think about how many brain cells are currently taken over  by animal sounds and memorized children books.

Brice finally got the shot he's been working on for weeks. This is Cam's favorite pastime while Dada is outside grilling, but he's never been quick enough to capture it until now.

After breakfast this morning, Cam bolted over to the coffee table and snagged Brice's glasses. She makes them look good, goofy face and all!

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! We are headed over to a BBQ this afternoon and then I plan on being a total party pooper tonight while I complain about all the loud fireworks that are bound to happen.

XO, Em

Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday!

I've got another fun set of pictures to share with you today!

I decided to start sewing clothes for Cam and I snapped this hilarious picture of her fitting the top. She loved it!!!! I'm just about done with the outfit after a delay with supplies, and I can't wait to share the finished product!

Hehehe. I got this picture of Brice trying to make Cam do her big cheesy grin and in true wacky Johnson fashion Ben and Dad did a good reenactment.

I miss them :(

I harvested the first tomato from our garden, cut it in half to share with Cam, went to photograph it and these quick little hands snagged BOTH halves and stuffed it in her mouth before I had a chance to stop her. Such a little turkey! I was left with this funny picture of the thief in action.

Little Cammie loves listening to me read books and she will occasionally sit like this with her little ankles crossed. If this doesn't make your heart melt a little bit...

We made our first trip to the splash pad last week and Cameron loved it. She scooted around, waved her hands in the water and reveled in all the big kids that wanted to "help" her.

Then she got in the heart of the big fountains and decided it was time to go home. Mommy to the rescue! I managed to snag her without getting wet myself, only to step into a fountain at the last second...

We hung out with our BFFs some more... somehow these little turkeys always manage to end up stripped down to their diapers.

Cammie Lee's favorite activity is helping me "fold" her laundry. She hands me one diaper at a time saying "here!". It's a little slow going, but it's a fun way to break up the monotony of the afternoon.

Pool time with the troublemakers!

They are simply adorable. I want to eat them all up!

Brice typically does bath time, but he has been working a lot of late nights lately (boo!). On this particular night I was getting everything ready, popped Cam in the tub, turned my head and spotted Hops perched among the towels. This is precisely why I'm always carrying my phone around in my pocket - so I can get the surprise pics!

Cam has taken interest in what we are eating lately, so we can't get away with having something different on our plates anymore. She insisted on eating ribs with us on Father's Day and she did great!  Brice did a fabulous job showing her how to eat, although, let's not kid ourselves... she's a Kahler! She knows how to eat a rib!

She's also been working at corn on the cob! We have gotten a bunch from our CSA share, and the first night we had it Cam was so determined to eat the corn she ignored the rest of her dinner! That was a first for her! I didn't worry at all because missing one meal won't hurt Cameron at all. Since then she has kept the corn in one hand while stuffing her face with the other.

Cameron has a fascination with my headphones, she is always sticking them in her ears. Occasionally I surprise her and turn on some music. That smart little cookie took the jack and tried to plug it into my phone herself on this particular morning! So I rewarded her with some Jay Z and we rocked out.

Cam continued with the surprises that morning when she crawled straight to her crib, pulled out her sleep sack and pacifier and laid down. I think she's telling me it's nap time!

The new favorite game at meal time is feeding the cat. Both Cam and Hops thinks it is the best thing ever, annoying me to no end. I'm glad they are friends, but it really makes clean up 10x harder.

Cam and I picked out a new ball for her at Target. She was thrilled and said "ball!" over and over while I did the rest of our shopping.

Well, 2 days later I looked at the receipt to figure out why the bill was so high that day.... that dang ball cost $15!  FIFTEEN DOLLARS FOR A BALL! In my defense, there was a giant bin of 20 different balls with no price tags except a row of labels below the bin. I figured the small, pink ball was a safe bet. Nope! I thought about returning it but Cam loves it, so now it comes everywhere with us. We need to get our money's worth.

Have a great weekend!

XO, Em